From concept to finished design; here are a few images from the production of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (2001). You can get a nice look at the work put into a single production background image starting with a sketch, a full colored and detailed comp; which is then eventually drawn and painted again as the final image used for the film.

Considering that the average film has over 1,000 different shots; you can start to appreciate the work that goes into hundreds of fully painted backgrounds for an animated film. And these images aren’t even showing the work that goes into scouting locations, finding references, or even the initial thumbnail sketches and comps for one single background image!

Star Energies
♈ Aries: Exuberant/Impulsive Energy
♉ Taurus: Resilient/Enduring Energy
♊ Gemini: Nervous/Cerebral Energy
♌ Leo: Warming/Stimulating Energy
♋ Cancer: Psychic/Tenacious Energy
♍ Virgo: Nervous/Mental Energy
♎ Libra: Mental/Approachable Energy
♏ Scorpio: High Vibrational/Psychic Energy
♐ Sagittarius: Warming/Sanguine Energy
♑ Capricorn: Tenacious/Cerebral Energy
♒ Aquarius: Cool Vibrational/Cerebral Energy
♓ Pisces: Psychic/Emotional Energy

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Pixiv ID: 4282031


Just in case you weren’t on the moon last night. This is what earth looked like from the moon’s perspective 


*70 years from now* Now grandchildren, I’m going to teach you a classic oldies song called “Marukaite Chikyuu”


Whoever came up with the idea of putting that crappy balloon series instead of random items into balloons on New Leaf needs to be fired immediately

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